Futuro house

We have all seen science-fiction movies where our planet was invaded by aliens who came in UFOs, those round shaped flying saucers. But seeing one on TV and actually living in one are two very different things. But I guess that’s why we, people, have imagination – we must get inspired by everything around us and create some other new things.

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So this Finish architect and designer Suuronen made a daring project some time in the 1960s that was called the Futuro house. It was actually the plan of building a very simple and lightweight house that could be either easily assembled on the spot or even transported by helicopter in the established location. The Futuro house was produced in over 100 copies and we are talking about it now because some of them still function in different parts of the world, being considered weird buildings.

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The Futuro house is three meters tall and has eight meters in diameter, providing all the necessary space for living comfortably in any location, as you can move it easily. It is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester plastic and has a very good insulation, so you can heat it rapidly in less than half an hour. The life of this project was short, as its production was stopped in 1970, but you can still see such unusual looking buildings in different locations from Orebro Sweden (photo no 1), Warrington – New Zealand (photo no 2) to Pensacola Beach, Florida, USA (photo no 3).