Funny Tooth Fairy Pillow with Fox on

My daughter is six and she has all her milk tooth. She is pretty upset about that because all her friends have lost at least one tooth. I could not imagine why she could be upset but then I found she heard about the Tooth Fairy and now she is waiting for a tooth to fall so that she could get money from the fairy. All kids go through this, so why not have a special pillow for them that encourages them during this funny period of their lives. The Funny Tooth Fairy Pillow with Fox on is great for any kid. It speculates the kids’ tendency to get models from the surrounding area, so if they see somebody else get rewarded for losing a tooth, they want this, too. This is the Fox, an animal character that becomes a friend.

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The interesting design of the pillow offers a special place for the tooth and also a special pocket where the fairy will leave the money. It is unique and funny and the kids love it. The pillow is filled with 95% small feather, 5% down insert and has a cover that is made of 100% linen fabric and has nice embroidery on. This cover can be removed and washed in cold water and then re- positioned. The item is now available for $58 from Coral and Tusk.