Funny DIY Kids Swing

Many of us remind of the moments spent in the grandparents’ garden where we swing on tree or we had a real swing where we could enjoy our afternoons. Although it seems nostalgic, I miss those great moments where nothing could spoil our playing moments and we had no worry of the day of tomorrow.

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Childhood represents a happy period of our life and the image of this funny DIY Kids Swing has reminded me of it.If it happens that you have a big tree in your garden and an old rocky chair then it can be very easy to build such a DIY Kids Swing. It will add more life and color to your garden and kids will be thrilled and will adore it.

Here are things you will need for such project: a strongly built rocking chair with arms, heavy ropes, steel rings, heavy duty hooks, screws, sandpaper, outdoor paints, brushes, a saw, a thick wood board and a drill.


To make the swing remove runners from the chair, and cut 4 long enough pieces of wood to protrude outside the armrest. Screw them to the bottom of the chair. Next, paint the whole swing into your favorite color. Using ropes and other prepared things hang the swing to a suitable tree branch that you have tested. After that try out the swing yourself and show it to your kids. They definitely will be happy for a long time.{found on husohem}