Funny Colourful Blimp Light

We live in a world that is governed and ruled by computers. These smart devices tell your car where to go, make your telephone a really smart gadget and are also used for a zillion other useful applications that are art of our lives. Even this Funny Colourful Blimp Light is operated by a computer chip. This chip tells the lamp what colour to have and the sequence of colours it is supposed to display. This way you can have your own private rainbow in the privacy of your room, on your side table or computer desk. This Blimp Light got its name from its shape, as it really looks like a blimp, with the round belly and shape. It is connected to a power source and has a smart computer chip and this turns it into a wonderful collection of colours.

This small lamp is made of mouth-blown glass and uses LED light. This way the light will not be very powerful and annoying but rather discreet and diffuse and the lamp will have a longer life, too. The light covers the whole spectrum and you can use it to make a dull room look really cool. The lamp is manufactured by Mathmos and works when connected to a wall plug.  It can be purchased for $49 from Fab.