Fun and soft pillow covers

There are all sorts of pillow covers: simple, colored, patterned, with flowers, with animals, with flowers and animals, with abstract patterns, etc. And people always try to find original ways of covering their pillows, so the choose more interesting colors and interesting patterns, but in reality their choices are no more than ordinary.

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So if you really want something original you should take a look at these soft and comfy pillow covers. They’re made of cotton and acrylic which not only that brings new options in terms of texture, but it also creates a distinguished aesthetic image. The colors available are pebble, stone white and platinum and they are available in two different dimensions: 20″ square and 14″ x 36″. It also has a very funny look because of the three-button closure. The pillow inserts are sold separately. Three choices, three fun and soft and very inviting pillow covers that can’t wait for you to take them home.By the way, the shipping is free.

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Posted in Bedding on April 7, 2011

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