Fold down beds – a huge space-saving solution for all types of homes

The bed is a crucial piece of furniture that every home has. But, at the same time, it’s also the one that perhaps occupies the most space. And since space is always a problem in our homes, solutions must be found. A great way of saving space would therefore be to somewhat hide the bed when not used. Fold-down beds are thus very practical. Here are a few examples of designs.

This relatively small bedroom also serves as a home office. Therefore, having a large bed that occupies half of the room would not be a very good design solution. But this fold-down bed solves the problem beautifully as it gets out of the way during the day and it can be put back down at night.

Modern and contemporary homes are usually very airy and seem very spacious. But they are not always very large. Still, the design solutions chosen are carefully and cleverly chosen. For example, this home features a fold-down bed that, when not used, basically disappears into the wall. The bed also has nightstands built into the wall.

When the living room must also serve as a bedroom, the situation becomes particularly challenging. But this home seems to have the perfect solution. The wall unit that includes the TV plus some storage compartments also hides two fold-down beds. When they are revealed you can also see that there are built-in shelves that can also be used for storage.

In the case of this tiny home, there wasn’t much space for anything. Yet somehow the owners have everything they need. They even found the space for a large bed. It all has to do with that big blue structure. It’s where the fold-down bed is hidden when not used and where all the storage is included as well.

Quite often, when you’re working in your home office, you get tired and feel the need to relax a little. A bed would be perfect in those moments. Since most home offices are small, the bed is out of the discussion. However, a fold-down bed might be the perfect solution.

Twin beds are even more annoying than double beds. They have to sit separately otherwise there’s no point in having two of them so they occupy a lot of space. It’s why fold-down bed designs are even more space-efficient in this case as they can cleverly hide the beds when not needed.

Usually the basement is just a dark ugly space used for storage. But it has great potential as it can become basically anything you want. You could turn it into a media room, games room, guest room, home office, etc. whatever the case is, you’ll probably also want to have a bed in there. To maintain flexibility and to have an airy space, a fold-down bed would be a great solution.

Here’s another example of how a room can be a spacious home office one minute and a cozy bedroom the next one. The bed sits hidden under the panels and the room seems airy and elegant. But the atmosphere changes dramatically once the bed is revealed.

In this traditional home office, the bed is very cleverly hidden behind doors that can actually fool you into thinking that they’re just part of a storage cabinet. In fact, the pull-out handles are just for décor most of the time but they can also be used to pull down the bed.

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Published by in Interiors, on January 13th, 2013


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