Fokas Fiber Tech Furniture with Changing Color Fibers

I have always loved the chameleon for its unique ability to change its body colors and now even contemporary furnishings are looking to replicate that ability. At the Milan Furniture Fair, the Fokas Fiber showroom showcased a unique kind of tech furniture that could change colors just like the chameleon does.

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These changing colors were embedded in the furniture itself and that made the Fokas Fiber corner a great attraction at the fest. Everything from the sofas to the carpets and even the chairs were changing colors at the Fokas counter courtesy of the fiber optics technology. Fokas mind you, is no ordinary name and the Greek company has been on the  job for the last 35 years innovating creative furnishings.

It’s a very interesting and revolutionary idea. It’s a new way of making your home attractive and fun. Technology is constantly working to make our lives easier, but sometimes it just makes it more fun and interesting. It might be annoying when you’re trying to hide somewhere, because you just can’t do that anymore. So the kids might not like that. But other than that it’s a really great invention. I’m sure a lot of people would love to turn their home into an experiment with these revolutionary pieces, but this might have to wait because the price is not that friendly.