Flower Containers by Warp Designs

If you are bored with the common vases, the American designer Kimberly Manne proposes you a new idea. She presents you flower containers hand-made of stainless steel. They can be combined with trays or cubes. They represent an alternative to the classic vase and offer you a new perspective on how you can keep your flowers or decorate your house.The American designer, Kimberly Manne thinks of combining fragile and hard elements,as there are the flowers and the stainless steel material, in order to get something special, interesting and useful too.

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The whole image of the container that is filled in with flowers is a combination between emotion, colour, life, given by flowers and technique, science offered by the stainless steel container Joined together, these elements create a piece of art that embellishes your house. It is a nice arrangement that gives life and colour to the room where you put it in.Available for 260$.