Flower Carpet by Patricia Urquiola

Flowers are very beautiful and they have a nice design that most of the time is easy to reproduce. That is why all carpet designers prefer choosing flower patterns for their carpets, as they look great and do not need too difficult procedures to make. In this case, the designer being a woman is even more understandable why she called this rug “The Flower carpet”. Patricia Urquiola is a very sensitive and talented designer, not only in the carpet area, but also in the furniture and she created some very beautiful works. This one is created for the producer Gandia Blasco.

The carpet is made entirely of wool and has a cotton backing which confers more resistance and a better look. It is available in many colours. Actually the carpet has a combination of white and another colour, which is the background for the three dimensional white contours. TheĀ  white design suggests flowers and this part of the carpet is a bit higher than the rest, creating the 3D impression. You can purchase it now for $2,125.