Floral Carpet from Modani

Black and white images are considered to be more suggestive and more beautiful when it comes to art, so many art photographers prefer using the old fashioned way and make black and white photos. Well, apparently some other artists tried their hand at this, since carpet designers from Modani made an incredibly beautiful carpet in black and white. It is the Floral Carpet from Modani, but the name is expressing too little of its look. First of all there are no normal flower patterns on this carpet, as you would expect, but merely half of a stylized “fleur de lis”, the symbol of the French royalty.

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The contour of half this flower in carefully traced in white against a totally black background. The carpet has a modern and minimalist design, yet some very nice baroque features that go very well with the royal hints given by the flower shape. It is entirely made of acrylic, so it will not retain water and also will be easy to wash without shrinking or fading colour. The carpet is now available in Modani stores for a very special price of $190 and you will get a really cool home accessory for the money.