Five Kids’ Playroom Ideas To Inspire

Kids love a playroom that they can call their own. Even if they share the space with a sibling or two, a playroom is a fun place to be for a child that feels very different to the more private space of their bedroom. Designing a successful playroom will have to take into account the interests, age and sometimes the gender of the child it is for. However, the best ones will challenge the child, giving them something to aim for.

The Mini Living Room Look

They will also encourage learning and inform the play that is conducted in them. If your child likes to act out their ideas, for instance, why not provided a performance space? If you are converting a basement or a guest bedroom for a play space think about the overall design, so that the playroom is not just a simple extension of their bedroom.

Adults tend to like this look because it is so cute. Mini chairs, sofas and a child’s bookcase can make your playroom seem like a life sized doll’s house. However, there is something to be said for the functionality of a mini living room. It is not all about a cute look. If your living room is often off limits to your children, then providing them with a space where they can relax and watch television, from time to time, is not a bad idea. Especially for younger children, it is best to avoid this look in a bedroom, so providing a second living room makes sense. Make sure there are plenty of activities for the children and don’t rely on video games alone.

Playrooms For Budding Artists.

For children who like to cut out shapes, paint and draw, encourage their nascent artistic spirit by providing them with a playroom that will bring the best. Make sure they have a work surface they can use that is at a comfortable height. Keep their paints, brushes and artistic materials stored neatly in baskets on open shelving units. Why not inspire their artwork with a mural in the playroom? Alternatively, provide a wall space where new artworks can be pinned up or mounted with magnets. Devoting part of the wall space to chalking on is another on-trend idea that will appeal to budding artists.

Imaginative Play.

Children have imaginations that just need firing. Encourage your child’s imaginative play with a room that evokes another world. A space or enchanted castle themed décor will inspire your child to engage in role play. Equally, a play house with an outdoors feel will work well for imaginative play even when your kids can’t go outside. Why not create a small stage in the corner of the play room and offer a performance area? Alternatively, cardboard playhouses, that your kids can decorate themselves, make for a superb temporary playroom addition.


Don’t underestimate the power of a good lighting design for a playroom. You want to have uniform light in all areas, so lots of light sources are desirable. However, you will also want to control the overall light level depending on the play activity. For physical play plenty of light will be needed. As the evening time approaches and you want more focused play, in preparation for bed time, being able to bring the light levels down is a real advantage.

Physical Playrooms.

A playroom that has a physical aspect to it is perfect for the winter months when the weather restricts exercise. If you have sufficient space, install a climbing wall and a slide. Just remember to add a safety mat. Kids love bringing the outdoors inside, so how about an internal tree house? If your home’s structure is sound, install a swing or some hand grabs to play on.

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Published by in Kids, on January 28th, 2013


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