Five Great Ideas For A Revamped Laundry Room

If you have a utility room already, whether or not you use for doing the laundry, it is likely to be a place where you temporarily store junk. Like garages, laundry rooms can tend to be a place that you simply shut the door and forget about. To get the best out of your laundry room, think about revamping it with some style. A good laundry room design will have just as much thought put into it as a kitchen.

If you are converting a space in your home to become a laundry room, then remember that the function of the room will affect the design choices you need to make. Converting a part of a garage to become a laundry room is becoming increasingly popular. Remember to run enough plumbing for a sink as well as a washing machine and a dryer.

White Units And Flooring.

A laundry room that is decorated in white creates a clean atmosphere. Having easy to wipe down unit surfaces and flooring means that the laundry room will be easy to maintain. White units allow you to spot any dirty marks easily and help prevent you from getting recently laundered clothes accidentally dirty. If your laundry room is tucked away with no natural light, keeping the floor and ceiling white is a good idea as this will make it seem brighter. Complete a clean laundry room look by using plain white splash back tiling between the floor and wall mounted units.

Drying Out.

Install some simple racks in your laundry room to hang sheets and clothes on when the weather is too poor to hang them outside. Racks that fold away when they are not in use are the best ones to go for and can be installed very simply. Custom made drying racks that sit above your washing machine and pull out like drawers are another good system that you ought to consider for drying your laundered clothes.

Space Saving Laundry Rooms.

Laundry rooms need not be very large spaces, even if you have a big property. So long as you can move around within the space don’t worry if the room is nothing more than a glorified closet. Stack up your storage bins and appliances so that the height of the laundry room is maximized. Placing a shelf over the middle of a window is a novel idea that adds storage space if all of the walls have already been used.

Clever Closets.

Slim line closets are ideal for storing cleaning essentials. You may only have room for a small closet in a laundry room that is pushed for space. To keep brooms, mops and other cleaning utensils tidy keep them in place with hooks, so they don’t tumble out of your closet when you open the door. Another ideal use of a slim line closet is to use it to house a pull down ironing board, so you can tuck it away easily once it has been used. Because many laundry rooms are located near to the rear entrance of a home, a good idea is to use it as a place for a shoe closet. That way, your footwear is conveniently located when you head out.


Even if you never use your laundry room for drying it will inevitably be a wet place from time to time and, like your bathroom, will suffer if moisture builds up. Keep your laundry room looking smart for years to come by not skimping on a proper aeration system. A simple slatted window, or one with louvers that can be opened, will promote airflow from outside. However, this is not always ideal in winter, depending on where you live. If you don’t have a window that provides natural airflow make sure you install an extractor unit or dehumidifier which can do the job for you.

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