Find Inspiration In Nature For Your Wedding Centerpieces – 40 Creative Ideas

Selecting the centerpieces for a wedding is hard work, especially because there are so many different options to choose from. The best thing to do is figure out the style you prefer and then narrow it down to a series of concrete criteria. For example, a nice option can be to use nature as your source of inspiration and opt for centerpieces featuring fresh flowers, succulents, plants and fruit.

We have a few wonderful ideas you might like. You can feel free to put your own spin on the designs and to customize them. The whole point is to make something special.

Try something simple yet fancy such as a bowl of fruit. But simply placing a few apples and pairs on a cake stand is not exactly original. So try mixing in a few spray-painted fruit for a more interesting look.{found on apracticalwedding}.

You might like a rustic design for your wedding tables and centerpieces. If you prefer something simple, try something like this: mason jars used as vases and table numbers made from slices of wood.{found on eatdrinkchic}.

Floral centerpieces are always beautiful but it’s difficult to be original with them. So instead of using fresh flowers you can make paper flowers using coffee filters.{found on justbellablog}.

Another idea is to add some drama to your centerpieces. Use tall cylinder vases with fresh flowers and put in a few branches as well. You can also hang candles from the branches.{found on site}.

Another way of adding a rustic touch to your centerpieces is by focusing on the vase. Take a bunch of glass cylinder vases and wrap them in rope. It’s a simple project which will give your wedding décor a unique look.{found on site}.

Wheat arrangements also have a rustic feel but they can also be easily integrated into a more modern wedding décor theme. If you wish to emphasize the rusticity, use mason jars as vases.

Why have to choose between fruit and flowers when you can have them both? Use a pineapple as a vase and display a selection of colorful flowers in it.{found on weddingchicks}.

Here’s another interesting combination of fresh fruit and flowers: a transparent bowl filled with slices of lemon and in which roses are displayed.{found on thebudgetsavvybride}.

You can include a few fresh fruit in a floral arrangement. Insert wood picks inside the fruit and add them to your choice of fresh flowers in a vase or bowl.{found on site}.

Make a sleek centerpiece with seasonal flowers using an enamel box, floral clay, floral pin frogs and pebbles. Roll up the florist clay into little balls and stick it to the bottom of the floral pin frogs. Then place them in the container you’ve chosen. Trim the flowers, fill the container with water and put the flowers in the floral frogs. Add the pebbles and that’s all.{found on weddingchicks}.

Another fun idea is to make fabric flowers. They’re a lovely alternative to fresh flowers and they allow you to have an Eco-friendly wedding without cutting any plants. These flowers are made of organic cotton jersey.

Don’t want to take up space on the tables with your centerpieces? Then how about you suspend them? Put each individual flower in a glass tube and suspend it from the ceiling with transparent thread.{found on bridetide}.

When choosing the centerpieces color is very important. A beautiful option can be yellow. It’s a cheerful and bold color and it’s great for summer weddings but it’s also a nice choice for autumn events.{found on sbchic}.

A vintage wedding centerpiece can be a combination of great old books, mason jars and beautiful seasonal flowers. It’s simple yet it makes a statement.

Be diverse without mixing too many colors and textures. For example, choose flowers of similar shades and display them in vases, jars and bowls of different shapes, sizes and colors.{found on rusticweddingchic}.

Another idea can be to choose simple flowers like these lily of the valley bouquets and display them in burlap-wrapped vases, in rope-wrapped jars or in spray-painted wine bottles. You can mix and match the materials as you wish.{found on site}.

Don’t limit yourself to one type of centerpiece. You can have a variety of lovely accessories and elements and you can display them in wooden trays with compartments. This one looks chic, rustic and elegant.{found on site}.

The bowl of lemon slices we showed you earlier was very interesting but we found a similar type of centerpiece, just as beautiful. This one features whole lemons inside a glass container filled with water and in which white flowers are displayed. The burlap table number is a nice touch.{found on graemepark}.

If you like the idea, you can use tin cans as vases. You can either spray paint them or wrap them in decorative paper or leave them as such. Complement the display with a concrete candle holder.{found on ruffledblog}.

Another way to go when coming up with an idea with the centerpieces is to symbolize the things you like most. For example, include a book if you enjoy reading, flowers if you’re the outdoors type, candles for a romantic vibe and use scrabble tiles to write a cute message if you’re the playful type.

Create an eclectic display and mix different types of flowers, colors, textures and materials. Here are three bouquets each in a different type of vase.

Opt for a minimalistic design but make it look interesting. Use bottles of different shapes and sizes and put a single flower in each one. One could also hold the table number. Arrange them on a doily.{found on Minnow Park}.

If you like candles then you can make them the stars of your centerpiece. Customize the candle holders using vellum paper. You can use cylinder vases and votive candles. You’ll also need some tape.{found on apracticalwedding}.

You can also use glitter to make the centerpieces stand out and sparkle. Try an arrangement made with fake flowers. If you’re not happy with the way they look you can spray paint them or add some more glitter.{found on apracticalwedding}.

How about feathers? They can be used to create some really dramatic decorations but you can also use them for simple arrangements like this one. To make this piece you need a piece of lumber, feathers, spray adhesive, a drill and glitter.{found on site}.

For a truly rustic look you can try something like this: use beer bottles as vases and decorate them with burlap and twine. It doesn’t have to look perfect. In fact, any anomaly gives the centerpiece character and charm.{found on theeverylastdetail}.

I love how delicate the roses look when paired with the wooden box. The playful initials in a heart are also a lovely touch. Such a centerpiece is not complicated to make. In fact, it’s a lot of fun putting it together.

This centerpieces features a vintage watering can as the main accent piece. It’s an idea you can use if you’re planning a rustic wedding in a garden or somewhere outdoors.

Make a tripod using tree branches and display the floral arrangements in the nook created in the center where the branches meet. It’s definitely an interesting idea but I have to say that the centerpiece doesn’t look very sturdy or stable.{image by Paige Elizabeth}.

Be playful and choose for the centerpieces a design that makes them stand out. Using unconventional materials is always a fun idea. Try for example using wine corks to make something simple yet chic and unusual.

If you prefer fresh, green arrangements and displays then you can choose to use succulents. Plant them in small tin cans or containers and pair them with a big vase filled with fresh big flowers and plants.

There one way in which you can use glitter in a floral arrangement which doesn’t damage the flowers. You can use transparent glass jars as vases and you can decorate them with glitter. The idea is to use glue to make the glitter stick to the jars.

This is one of my favorites: a big wood log in the center of the table. The log is decorated with beautiful and delicate flowers and the whole thing looks amazing. It’s perfect for a rustic wedding.

The idea of somehow personalizing the centerpieces is very good, especially if you’re not planning using crazy or unconventional elements. For a rustic wedding, you can have a planter of vase personalized with your names and the date.{image by Love Light}.

It would be awesome to be able to bring nature inside and to have actual trees there but you can have the next best thing: a tree centerpiece made with branches. Select branches with interesting shaped and arrange them in a glass cylinder.{image by Threaded Together}.

A simple floral centerpiece featuring rustic accents. The flowers are planted in a bag filled with soil and the wooden box is just for display. A lovely idea for a countryside wedding.{found on site}.

Choose to recycle and to have a green wedding. You can use wooden boxes to make planters and to decorate them with all sorts of plants and flowers. Combine bold colors and different textures for an eclectic look. You can also use moss or pebbles.{found on site}.

You can also recycle bottles and use them as vases for the centerpieces. You can either remove the labels, replace them with personalized labels or leave them there for authenticity.{found on junebugweddings}.

Here’s a very beautiful and elegant arrangement. The brown glass bottles combined with the mix of green and white with orange accents is very beautiful and the display looks wonderful on the white table.

If you’re a traveler or you enjoy exploring the world, use the idea in your centerpieces. You could have a globe on each table and mark the place you’ve been too on it. Of course, you can also add some flowers on the side for a more traditional touch.{found on junebugweddings}.

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