Fil side table by Paolo Cappello

Side tables are a nice and sometimes very useful piece of furniture. They can be used in a variety of different ways and for all sort of different purposes. And the designs related to this item are often very nice and interesting.Another interesting design for a side table was created by Paolo Cappelli. It’s called the FIL table and it was created for the manufacturer Miniforms. What is interesting and unique about this side table is the fact that it’s very simple, almost too simple. And that doesn’t make it less functional or good-looking. On the contrary, I would say that simplicity is often a big plus when it comes to furniture designs. The less features and decorations it has, the more elegant and beautiful it is.

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This table only features a very simple steel base, painted in either white or red, and a round glass top. It sounds like a standard description, but when you’re looking at the product you immediately see why this one is so different and beautiful. I really like this piece. It’s functional, interesting and beautiful and it can easily be incorporated in any modern home.