Family friendly interior design

Designing and decorating a home to make it family friendly does not require more work and more money. All you need to do is take into consideration needs of every member of the family, and employ your creativity so that you can make your home look interesting and modern.

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Choose to install floating shelving units and shelves to a room in order to place the valuables out of reach from the children. Besides being very stylish, floating shelves will add a lot of dimensions to the room. You may also choose to place decorative elements such as show pieces and crystal vases on the floating shelves.

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Make it a point to opt for machine washable slip covers for the couches, sofas and more, so that you can protect your investment and quick wash the covers whenever they get dirty. Slip covers are available in a wide variety of fabrics such as brushed or flat cotton, brushed velvet and poly blend fabrics.

Lidded baskets may be employed in different parts of the home. These are good to look at, easily transportable and are excellent at hiding things. You may place a nice woven lidded basket in the living room for storing magazines, newspapers and other miscellaneous items. Children room is another area where these baskets will provide a significant assistance to hide the naught sins.Baskets can also be introduced to the kitchen area and balcony.

The living room is another vital part of the house which requires careful consideration. As you are trying to make your home family friendly, it is recommended to place a decent size television in the living room. This shall allow the whole family to collect in the living room and spend a gala time together. However, ensure that the television can be seen from different angles of the room.

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Another factor to be considered in this regard is the seating space. Long couches and sofas featuring pull out bed are ideal for family homes. You can easily pull out the beds to increase the seating capacity of the room. Also consider spreading a mat on the floor instead of an expensive rug so that you can allow the kids to sit on the mat and indulge in various activities without having to worry about the mat getting spoiled.

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