F978 Lounge chair by Geoffrey Harcourt for $2722

Inspired by the past, but has not forced a cut-back. Here’s the secret of the F978 Lounge Chair by Geoffrey Harcourt, which favorably impresses the eye.A lounge chair like this I saw on a print magazine few years ago, but in other colors.

F978 Lounge chair by Geoffrey Harcourt for $2722View in gallery

This amazing reinterpretation of a chair in 1960 earned a footprint contemporary ideal for the modern look for the flavor of historical roots.The combination between the bright red seat and white shell in poliuterano create a conemporary style.The F978 Lounge chair can be used indoor and outdoor also.Providing the best option for relaxing during the hot summer days with air conditioning switched on.Chairs like these are common in pubs and coffe shops because are very trendy and comfortable.The red leather used is one of the highest quality fixed to the hard polyurethane shell.The latest price for these chairs is 3.026$ at unicahome, a little expenive for a simple piece of furniture.What do you think, worth money?