Extra Normal Wall Clock

Clocks have an important part to play in terms of home design. They make perfect embellishments for the walls of your room or in any area of the house. Ornamental clocks – most commonly referred to as decorative wall clocks – are especially popular in this area. The Extra Normal Wall Clock at the firs view is a simple wall clock, but features a laser-cut opening that revolves around the center, revealing numbers that signify the hours. The clock is available for 199$.

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The name it has is actually funny. The Extra Normal Wall Clock is not that extra normal as it might sound. It has a very simple design, with black and white tones You can’t get a more simple design than this one. And it even helps you by showing you the numbers that indicate the hour. You don’t even have to know how to read a clock ,this one does all the work for you. It would be useful for kids when they’re learning to read the clock.