Espresso Machine by Bialetti Tazzona

Nothing compares with a good coffee aroma when we try to get out of bed on an early morning. A cup of good coffee can make our day more beautiful and encourages us to begin a new day. It makes us feel fresh and full of energy.

Bialetti Tazzona combined the quality of making a good coffee and the usefulness of an original espresso machine. He thought of making our mornings more funny and helping us to gain more time for other activities too.The beautiful design of the espresso machine which is a cup-shaped and the elegant colors that he used for it create a warm and funny atmosphere. It has a funny shape of a cup of coffee but it also looks like a robot with a human face.

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Every morning his device will make us think of a nice cup of coffee that can make our day become better and make us feel ready to start our activities.

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