Energy Efficient Window Shades Style – 3 Tips to Choose Them

With so many energy efficient window shades styles available in various colors sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect solution for having your windows dressed up in other than the old style of curtains. The following suggestions can act as a helping hand in selecting the energy efficient window shades for your house:

1. Go for cellular blackouts in case you look for items that are designed with layers of insulation on the inside. The style for these energy efficient window shades offers extra protection against cold and heat. They are delivered together with a remote control.

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2. Choosing the exterior shutters as energy efficient window shades they will be able to keep the heat in not allowing the cold to come inside. Choices for these shutters material are aluminum, wood, steel or vinyl. They are operated from outside and they look like storm windows that protect against powerful wind blows.

3. The thermal shades as another style of energy efficient window shades are classic in their aspect conferring your windows some sort of character. The material will offer good insulation retaining the heat and keeping the external drafts away from ‘haunting’ the room on the inside.

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Posted in How To, Tips, and Advice on October 12, 2010

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  • In order for thermal shades to be truly effective they must treat all four means of energy loss through windows. Convection, conduction, radiation and infiltration. The great majority of shades currently available gloss over these important facts and hence their actual performance is seriously compromised.