Elegant Upholstered Vivian Chair

Buttons are nice. They look great on dresses and they also look great on upholstery. So why not combine the two things together? Here is the result: the amazing Elegant Upholstered Vivian Chair. It has an interesting design and it looks just like a dress with buttons up front stretched on a wooden frame and having four wooden legs attached.

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This chair was inspired from the glamorous life of Hollywood and also from the beautiful actresses there. It has elegant lines and curvy legs, bringing Hollywood style to furniture as well. This piece of furniture is offered by Dwell Studio and it is upholstered with the best fabric in order to get high quality and comfort, luxury and style.

You can choose the right fabric that will match the overall design of your living room and also enjoy the nice shape of the back rest that almost looks like a female bust seen in a beautiful dress with buttons up front. The chair is made of European beech and the fabric covering it can be either in one colour or having a floral design. Well, whatever your taste, you will find the right kind of chair for you in this Vivian chair and you will be able to get it for $792.