Elegant and colorful dining room furniture

Whether you have a small or a large family, dinner is always important. It’s usually the time when everyone gathers together to have dinner, share their impressions of the day that passed and enjoy each other’s company. Nowadays this tends to happen rarer that expected, but it’s still an important moment. And for that you also need a proper environment, most likely an elegant dining room.

Today we’re going to show you a selection of three different piece of furniture that might not look like a happy combination when taken separately but as a mix they create a very beautiful arrangement. The beauty of this combination is that it’s s versatile it would fit perfectly into any dining room.

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The mix is composed of a simple dining table, with a rigid and solid construction but with a beautiful silhouette and elegant details, a series of Melody Chairs that come in a variety of colors and the Elizabeth chair which is actually a big and comfy armchair with a very elegant and stylish shape, designed by Haute House.

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When taken one by one, these elements don’t have much in common. Nevertheless, they look very nice together. When placed in the right décor they could be a very eye-catching structure, a colorful and chic image. In terms of materials, we can mention that the table is made of pine and has a rustic bleached finish, the Elizabeth chair is handcrafted from alder wood, while the Melody chairs are a combination of hardwood and rayon/polyester/nylon upholstery.Available here.