Electric Vs Gas stoves

Whether in the form of a cook top, built in range or free standing range, everyone needs a stove. The two commonly used forms of stoves for households are gas stoves and electric stoves. Electric stoves have been recently invented but gas stoves have been in use since decades. However, it is very difficult to compare them and point one as the best because both boast their unique features.

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Here is a detailed comparison between electric and gas stoves that shall help you in selecting the best type according to your need –


Gas stove is a conventional type that uses compressed gas as a fuel. The gas needs to be ignited near the outlet of gas with the help of a matchstick or a lighter. On the other hand, electric stove is made of metal coils through which current flows. The heat is transferred to the cooking utensil through radiation or convection.


when considering the purchase cost, electric stoves are much more affordable than the gas stoves. However, when considering the operating cost, the gas stoves are more affordable as gas is a cheaper fuel than electric energy.


when it comes to efficiency, both the stove types have their own pros and cons. Though electricity is a cleaner fuel, but food cooks better and fast at gas stoves as it allows an even heat spread. The cooking can be started immediately in gas stoves as gas heats up instantly but in electric stoves, cooking can only be started once the coils are heated.


Cooking on a gas stove is very convenient as the cook is allowed to control the amount of heat to be imparted to the cooking utensil. Moreover, gas stoves have sealed burners, which are very easy to clean in case of spills. On the other hand, electric stoves are equipped with detachable drip pans that need to be cleaned regularly and also becomes dirty and dull with use. Another drawback for an electric stove is that it cannot be used during power failure, whereas gas stove can be used to cook food anytime.


A lot of safety needs to be ensured in the gas stove as any leakage might lead to a dangerous hazard. With gas stove, one has to install gas detector system. On the other hand, electric stoves are much safer as one there is no risk of leakage.

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