Easy drip painted planters

There’s a time in life when you feel tired of all the predefined products and you want something more personalized. This is why some started to decorate their clothes, houses or gardens with hand-made accessories. This is a good idea also for improving your imagination or for making time pass faster. You may also work with friends, spending some fun quality time together. But there are busy persons who can’t afford the luxury of taking a break just to paint something on their own.

Why shouldn’t they also benefit of the beauty of a unique hand-made or hand-painted object? The funny part is that most o the time great ideas come by accident. This is how DIY, one of IKEA’s daughters, came with the idea of drip painted planters. It seems that the idea came from a mistake, but the result sure is astonishing.

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To make these extraordinary painted bowls and vases you just need some simple ceramic planters and few shades of ordinary wall paint. Dip the pots and dishes into the wanted color on the side you want to color, then let the paint dry. In almost two hours you’ll have a lovely planter that you can use also inside and outside. This way you will have unique vessels and how harder you’d try you wouldn’t be able to repeat the exactly same model. The chance occurs in the artistic process and draws original models. This type of planters is ideal to create a Moroccan ambience.{found on livethemma}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on March 20, 2012

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