Duck Mirror

A person needs to see himself or herself in the mirror in order to check if all the details are OK, if all the clothes fit and if the hair is not having a bad day. Women especially can’t live without a mirror because they constantly need to apply some lipstick or mascara and to pick some invisible threads from their dresses. My guess is that they used rivers and lakes instead of mirrors because they were invented. Any way, vain as they may be, mirrors are very useful and you need at least one in every home. This mirror is very special and funny because it looks exactly like a regular mirror, except for the “duck legs”. Yes, they are the reason why it is called the “Duck mirror“.

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The mirror looks like an eggs with duck legs or maybe like a duckling struggling to get out of its egg. It is very funny and it is designed by David Dear from Kikkerland Design. The oval shape of the mirror makes it perfect for your face and the “duck legs” support allows you to place it on your bedroom table or on a side table, without the fear it might turn over and break. You can have it now for $82.