Drapes: When Large Prints Work & Why

We all love natural light, don’t we? (Answer: Yes, yes we do.) So, in most cases, uncovered windows are the way to go. But at night when we’d like our privacy, and to frame and flatter the windows during the day, drapes are a wonderful option. Drapes with large prints tend to draw attention to themselves, which can be a wonderful asset when you’re trying to boost the color or pattern in a space. Consider the following:

In this sitting area, all of the furniture is a light neutral…big chunks of neutral, no less. The large geometric print on these drapes in nature-inspired tones adds a dynamic and sophisticated touch to the space. (Colorful accents, like the vase and books, also help.) The colors of the drapes don’t compete with the space; rather, they enhance the earth tones already present; I especially like how the design on the throw pillow visually brings the drapes into the room as well.

Again, a large-print geometric pattern on drapes tie in beautifully with this space full of natural elements. This print appears almost plant-like, which perfectly frames the view from these large windows and brings nature indoors. This large print works well here because the space itself is large and airy, and other furnishings are texturally nature-based yet almost monochromatic, so the drapes add a lovely aesthetic layer.

Chunky stripes in muted tones on these drapes give a subtle visual nod to each of the colors in this space. The large pattern here works well with an otherwise color-blocked room. I think this room is soothing in its soft color palette and reassuringly structured with all the direct lines. The large striped drapes are a unifying force.

I love a blank canvas white room with pops of color everywhere, and this one is no exception. The airiness of this classic large wreath print in black-and-white make them simultaneously an important statement but not the frontrunner of attention. The drapes recede effortlessly and gracefully into the background and make a pleasant backdrop for the other bright colors and shapes. It seems to me that the classic print adds a bit of structure to the creative busyness of the room.

Mid-century modern furniture at its best, in this space. The classic lines of each piece – sofa, table, and side table – are very straight, though, and benefit beautifully from this rounded drapery print. The print is large, yes, but the colors are subtle and the “white space” abundant, making it a calming and complimentary addition to the space as a whole.

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Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on November 26th, 2012


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