Double X Metal Vase

We all have a small holiday for Christmas and this is the time when we spend more time at home, especially in the living room. And we all want to make out homes as nice as beautiful, so we pay much attention to accessories because they are, after all, the ones that give your house personality and style. This Double X Metal Vase from Modani is great because it can be used as an accessory in itself, without having to fill it with flowers. It looks like an over sized metallic X sign that stands on your living room coffee table.

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The vase is made of polished stainless steel and is empty on the inside, so you can fill it with water and keep flowers there. My advice is to use mainly simple flowers with a small number of leaves because they are better valued if they look this way. And they will not cover the vase, which looks amazing and should not be overlooked. So fill this futuristic vase with exotic flowers and enjoy its look by placing it somewhere in the center of the room, like the mantlepiece or the table or even on some lower shelves. The item is available now in the Modani online store for $39