Dornbracht’s new Horizontal Shower unit

For years we have used the shower and not even once have we though of such a revolutionary idea. We have come up with new ideas for the design and technological improvements for the shower unit but the idea of creating a horizontal shower has slipped our minds every time. This is the new Horizontal Shower Unit created by Dornbracht. Not only that it proposes a new design for the shower unit but it completely changes everything.

The unit offers the perfect combination between a shower and the comfort of laying down. When you think about it, it seems like a pretty good idea especially for those who can barely stand up in the morning. Instead of leaning against the walls while taking a shower now you can just lay down.

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The Horizontal Shower Unit has a design similar to that of a tanning bed. It’s mounted to the wall and features an array of showerheads controlled by the company’s Ambiance Tuning Technique system.

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The showerheads can be programmed and choreographed to cycle through different intensities and water temperatures. It’s the perfect shower unit for lazy people or for those who could benefit from this new design given to medical reasons. It’s a design that can solve a lot of serious problems besides those related to lazyness in the morning. The unit offers all the advantages of taking a bath but without actually sitting in the bathtub surrounded by dirty water.{found on Archello}.

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Posted in Bathroom on February 14, 2012

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