DIY Vintage Teacup Flower Pots

There are a lot of nice vintage things that I like. For example I love vintage jewelry. They remind me of those old times when they were very fashionable and bring a certain touch of those times. Still there are some vintage things that do not satisfy my tastes. Vintage furniture or vintage clothes seem less attractive to me. Vintage furniture seems too massive and sometimes you have the impression that leave you without oxygen and vintage clothes do not seem to match my type and personality.

The next DIY project can help you create some real nice DIY Vintage Teacup Flower Pots using some vintage teacups that you probably thought that they are useless and out of fashion. Perhaps they deserve a second chance and the following DIY project will show it to you.All you need to do is to fill with some potting soil your vintage teacups and add your favorite plants. It is an easy to do project, simple and very cheap. You may use them as presents for someone dear to you or just decorate your house. The vintage teacups will add an old touch and the fragile plants will bring some life and color.

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Still there is a nice advantage of vintage things. They may be saved and reused as something new and useful. You may create wonderful things with an old shirt, boot or a vintage jar. Just think of your old and dusty things that may be laid down somewhere in your house, take you a lot of your necessary space and you do not use them anymore.{found on intimateweddings}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on May 15, 2012

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