DIY Updates for your Laminate Countertops (without replacing them!)

Countertops are a standout component of any kitchen…for better or worse. Some people are lucky enough to mince garlic atop custom countertops that match the style of their dreams; others may chop leafy greens on unsightly surfaces straight from the 80s (or worse). Because of its economical benefits and long-lasting capacity, laminate or Formica is a popular countertop choice; unfortunately, after some time, laminate surfaces often fall into the less-than-ideal category.

Of course, replacing countertops altogether is an expensive endeavor. But you can DIY a surface makeover or facelift on your laminate countertops that mimics the look you want! Here are four budget-friendly laminate countertop upgrades that you can do yourself without having to replace the countertops themselves:

Thin Concrete Overlay.

Using specific products (detailed within the DIY instructions linked to the photo), you can turn your laminate countertops into sleek and chic concrete counters. This is a big trend lately, and the modern look works successfully in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. The end result is glossier and more resilient countertops. Plus, if the countertops in your space are of different or inconsistent materials (for example, some tile, some laminate, some wood), this is a great way to create cohesion.{found on karapaslaydesigns}.

Paint Faux Texture.

The high-end look of granite is mimicked on these dated laminate countertops with a fairly straightforward painting method. Using acrylic paints, a faux painting sponge technique, and a finishing product called Envirotex Lite, boring cream countertops were transformed into this textural, more durable facade. (The use of a blowtorch helps in the countertops’ resiliency.) The beauty of this DIY method is that you have the opportunity to choose any colorway you want for your kitchen countertops, including subtle flecks or striations similar to those you find in real granite.{found on solovelycreations}.

Paint Glossy Solid(ish).

To achieve the look of natural stone slabs (which tend to appear more solid than granite but still aren’t completely solid), you can again paint the countertops using a variety of paints, clear glitter (not kidding!), and a clear top coat. The change shown here isn’t vastly different in color, but it is pretty dramatic in the look of a high-end finish. The glossy topcoat itself looks professional and more sophisticated than the previous countertops – in fact, it’s hard to believe that these countertops were once standard laminate.{found on designingdawn}.

Cover with Tile.

If your laminate countertops are in less-than-ideal condition, or if painting over them doesn’t appeal to you, there is still hope! Simply tile over them. Tiling is a relatively inexpensive alternative to solid countertops, and with the huge variety of available tiles, you can create any look you want. The process is fairly straightforward as well. Make sure you choose a tile with bullnose options (rounded edges) for the sides of the countertop. I love how fresh this country kitchen looks after this makeover using simple white subway tile.{found on jennysteffens}.

Published by in Kitchen, on April 5th, 2013


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