DIY Thankful Tree

Today it is the first day of autumn and the nature seems to prepare itself for a colder season. The leaves got yellow, brown or red nuances and the windy days seem to create the colorful carpet of leaves to cover the ground. Usually autumn is a nostalgic season, it makes you think of the summer holidays that has already ended or that winter comes closer and closer.

If you already think of an autumn décor for your home, here it an interesting DIY project which combines the idea of autumn, Thanks Giving Day which is also celebrated this season and an entertaining activity for kids. The project refers to a DIY Thankful Tree. Some materials are needed for this project like: brown butcher paper, paper leaves of various colors and painter’s tape. On an empty wall you need to tape the butcher paper and draw the trunk of the tree and its branches. The kids are supposed to take a leaf each night, write something on it that they are thankful for and place the leaf on the branch .All this is supposed to happen for a whole month so that the tree will get some colorful leaves at the end of it.

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View in gallery

Those who are interested to use this project for Thanks Giving Day, November month is perfect for them. The DIY Thankful Tree will help you find out interesting ideas from your kids, know them better and you can also adapt the project for school classes. Meanwhile enjoy the beauty of this season, admire the colorful carpets of leaves and wonderful landscapes that nature creates!{found on bargainbound}.