DIY rope headboard for a personalized bedroom

There are lots of ways in which you can personalize your bedroom. It all depends on your preferences. The furniture you buy is not everything you need to worry about. There are also other elements that can be adapted and there are even things you can do by yourself to change the décor of the bedroom. For example, you can make a beautiful headboard by using a minimum of materials.

This is a very simple and fun project. All you need is a simple wood frame. All you need is carefully drill some holes around the edges and then use rope to create a random pattern. It’s so simple and the result is so interesting. You can choose whatever color of rope you want. It would be even more interesting to use two or more colors for contrast. There’s no real pattern here. Just follow your instinct and create a random criss-cross pattern. Just take a piece of rope, make a knot on one end, introduce it through a random hole and then pull the other end until you can knot it again.

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You have the liberty of choosing whatever type of rope you like. You can use yarn, string, twine or anything else you like. You’re also free to choose the colors and the pattern. At the end you’ll have an original headboard made by yourself. It will be a colorful addition to the bedroom and it will be a fun project itself.{found on poppytalk}.

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Posted in DIY Projects on April 4, 2012

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