DIY planter that you can make for under $15

Since it’s warm and sunny outside, it’s time to take the plants outside and to let them enjoy it the nice weather. You can easily integrate fresh plants into your décor by hanging them in different areas. They take no floor space and they freshen up the atmosphere. Here’s how you can make a planter by yourself and for less than $15.

You can make the planter for yourself or you can gift it to someone. For this simple project all you’ll need is some thin climbing rope or cotton rope, a small plastic or ceramic bowl, a small plant or your choice and a pair of scissors. You can either put the plant into the planter at the beginning or at the end of the project. Anyway, the first thing you’ll need to do is create a cache-pot. You can do that by taking 8 pieces of nylon or cotton rope.

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First separate the rope into four sections, two pieces of rope per section. You’ll work with one section of rope at a time. At first, tie the two pieces of rope into a knot, leaving about 1 inch above the knot. That’s where all eight pieces of rope will be tied up. Continue by making more knots. You can use the pictures as inspiration or you can come up with your own design. At the end tie all the pieces of rope together and put the planter with the plant inside. You can choose the size and length of the cache-pot, as well as the color of the rope. You can even use more than one color and experiment different patterns.Read the entire tutorial on refinery29.

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Posted in DIY Projects on April 9, 2012

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