DIY Mirror Coffee Table

I am one of the persons that love mirrors. I spend a lot of time when I am in front of a mirror but I try not to exaggerate. I am not a Narcissist and I do not like to become one.

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Mirror is the one that shows us our real image and never lies to us. Besides its practical purpose it is also an elegant surface that makes you think of beauty and refined things.Here it is an elegant piece of furniture. It is a DIY project that features a DIY Mirror Coffee Table.Its bright surface will make your interior décor become more sparkling and elegant. For this project you will need some materials like: plywood or MDF cut into pieces of the size of the future coffee table (4 sides, the tabletop and the bottom surface), several wooden planks to support a mirror on the top of the table, silver paint, mirrored panels, wood glue and of course a big mirror.

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Now you are ready to start your work by following the next instructions. Assemble the frame and reinforce the corners. Attach wood planks on the top. Paint the frame in silver. Glue mirror plates on sides and the large mirror on the top. After glue is dry place the table in a living room and start to enjoy its new look.