DIY Concrete Features That Will Add Charm And Character To Your Home

Concrete is considered a rough material and one that’s difficult to work with. However, it’s not always the case. There are lots of features that can be made of concrete and that will definitely ad charm to your home. We have selected some of them and we decided to share them with you.

Table With Concrete On Top.

A very simple project that you can make by yourself in a week-end is a table makeover. For example, this table has an interesting base but the top but not exactly eye-catching. Its owner removed the top and decided to make a new one using concrete. The rough concrete top contrasts with the sleek white base.{found on weekdaycarnival}.

Concrete Heart.

Even though it might sound odd at first, you can also make beautiful decorations out of concrete. First you have to figure out the shape and then make a mold. Mix the cement and fill up the mold. Push down a screw or something similar and let the cement dry. Remove it from the mold and you have a beautiful decoration.{found on signedbytina}.

Festive Decorations.

You can also use concrete to make festive decorations. For example, you could make a concrete wreath or some decorative items for Christmas. Concrete candlesticks are also a nice idea. You’ll have to mix the cement and create a mold. The mold can be a plastic cup or a bowl. Let the mix dry, remove it from the mold and then decorate the candlesticks as you want.{found on monsterscircus}.

 Kitchen Countertop.

Concrete countertops are a very functional and practical project that you could try. You can use two other counters or wood boards to make the mold. You can spray the interior with a special solution so that the concrete would be easy to remove. The concrete will level itself out and it should also dry quickly. At the end, remove the boards and smooth out the surface of the countertops with a towel. You can also seal it.{found on designstocker}.

Candle Holders.

Concrete candle holders can be very charming and unique. So here’s how you can make them. You can use some plastic containers or boxes to make the molds. Then mix the concrete and pour it in the molds. Press the candles into the concrete and rotate them as the concrete dries to make sure they don’t stick. To prevent the concrete from cracking you can spray it with water a few times. Let it dry, light the candles and enjoy.{found on nimidesign}.

Concrete Bookend.

A concrete bookend is another item you could use in your home. It will be both functional and decorative. The idea is to decide on the shape and either find or create a mold. If you also wish to add a monogram or something else, you should create them before you mix the concrete. Then pour the concrete into the mold, let it dry, remove it and your bookend is ready to be used.{found on thebeatthatmyheartskipped}.

Concrete Planters.

Another great project for the week-end would be a concrete planter. To make it you’ll need spray paint, a bucket, a stick, a measuring cup, plastic gloves, cement mix, a larger container for the mold, painter’s tape and your favorite plants. Spray a special solution on the inside of the container to make the cement easier to remove. Them mix the concrete and pour it about ¾ of the way full, remove the air bubbles and then insert the inner container into the soft cement. While the cement is still soft, remove the middle container. Let the rest dry and slide it out of the mold. Decorate its exterior as you want.{found on camillestyles}.

Minimalist Concrete Pots.

You can also make concrete planters in other shapes and sizes. You can find some empty plastic containers, maybe from bottled water or something similar. You can also use old cans, boxes, buckets, etc. to give the planters a rough and organic look, don;t try to make the edges straight and perfect. This will give them character and will allow them to better integrate in your garden or even in your home.{found on radmegan}.

Published by in DIY Projects, on February 1st, 2013


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