Disney Mickey Mouse Shaped Bath Rug

There are many different Disney characters and some of them are popular and some not so much. But I personally haven’t seen anybody NOT to like Mickey Mouse. It is one of the oldest and also funniest Disney characters. That is why all kids love having his face around and that is why you can see Mickey’ s face or even just the shape on may products. For example this rug is not a simple lack rug for the bathroom. It is a bathroom rug that has Mickey’ s head shape and which is perfect fro children of all ages.

This Disney Mickey Mouse Shaped Bath Rug is entirely made of cotton and is machine tufted. Because it is designed for the bathroom and also to be used by kids, it is safer to cover all basis so as to avoid slipping on the bathroom tiles, so the rug has a skid resistant backing. It is soft and nice and every time you see it you remember Mickey Mouse. It is easy to clean with soap and warm water and its price is very affordable – $19.99.