Dipped in Banana: Monochromatic Rooms

Yellow is lively and fun. It sparks a happiness as no other tone can and creates a free-flowing, effortless spirit. So, of course, it’s only natural that we show off some super stylish and unique rooms dipped in this playful, banana-colored shade. Follow along as we guide you through 10 monochromatic rooms with fashion-forward, design-worthy status.

1. Modern & Bright.

This space is full of warmth and welcoming. The creamy foundation helps to create a pale yellow glow as the natural lighting hits it. We love the clean accents for a simple, yet modern space for entertaining and relaxing with friends.

2. Quiet & Fun.

Looking to transform your guest room into something fun yet peaceful? Why not try dipped the space in banana shades? It creates a homey vibe while still speaking to the fun nature of a visit from a friend. This bright yellow exudes a carefree happiness any guest would love.

3. Luxurious & Posh.

Yellow can easily have a golden, royal flavor. If you’re looking to create a space that feels luxurious and a bit posh, try using yellow to make it contemporary and spirited all at once. The banana foundation of this giant room helps to transform it into something quite special, don’t you think?

4. Functional & Vibrant.

This kitchen has the best storage options and the best personality. This bright banana shade pops off the walls and cabinets and opens the space up to the illusion of more room. Who wouldn’t want to cook dinner in here?

5. Traditional & Relaxed.

A bit more on the traditional side, this living room’s bones are held in the yellow realm. But, the extra chocolate accents create a more homey, safe appeal. It’s also a bit more subdued for those that love yellow but are scared of the boldness.

6. Soft & Romantic.

Not every banana tone has to be screaming of light. Instead, softer shades can create a bedroom that’s touchable and romantic, and of course, has a feminine touch that makes anyone feel welcomes and at home.

7. Floral & Free.

The patterns in this room make it quite interesting and more playful on the eyes. Sheer yellow tones can be harsh on the eyes but when mixed with other textures and these floral prints, you get an artistic and vivacious space to enjoy.

8. Simple & Summery.

Perfectly decorated for the warmer months of the year, this living room screams vacation. We love how all of the patterns mix with yellow and make for a more playful, artistic room design. But, it also helps the eyes adjusts to such bright coloring.

9. Eclectic & Fashion-Forward.

When decided on yellow, a more golden hue will create a more eclectic, trendy essence. Again, the mixture of patterns creates a funkier vibe but also an easier entrance. This dining room was made for entertaining.

10. Cottage & Cozy.

If you’re living in a small apartment or fixing up the bonus room for a family member or friend, don’t stray away from yellow because it seems to hard to manage. With a color this bright all you need are the foundation pieces to make a room. The yellow itself will do the decorating.

Published by in Interiors, on June 10th, 2014


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