Different Types of Shower Doors

During the last few years, the bathroom shower doors have gained extreme popularity and have replaced the flimsy shower curtains. This is because shower doors offer better protection and do not allow water to seep on to the bathroom floors. In addition, shower doors are also known to add ambience, style and design to the bathroom.

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Shower doors are available in a wide variety of designs, styles, types and colors. The variety of options imparts the homeowners with the opportunity to decorate their bathroom in their preferred way according to their needs and budget. These include glass shower doors, framed and frameless shower doors, sliding shower doors, and curved (bi-fold) shower doors. Whether you are aware or not basco shower doors are the most popular type of glass shower doors and are known for their superior quality and elegance.

Sliding shower doors – Sliding shower doors are the most common type of glass shower doors are also known as by pass doors. These doors consist of three sections and are installed on a track. As the name implies, these doors open by way of sliding them on the rack. One of the main benefits of the sliding shower doors is that the doors fold into themselves, and therefore, they require less room. In addition, these doors are very easy to clean also.

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Curved Shower doors – Curved shower doors are commonly addressed as bi-fold shower doors and are ideal for bathrooms with limited space. These doors feature sleek appearance and consume least space in the bathroom. Curved shower doors generally appear like an accordion. The door is curved, and fits in the corner so that it does not protrude in the bathroom space.

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Swinging shower doors – Swinging shower doors are nothing but hinged doors that open outwards in different degrees such as 180 degrees, 135 degrees and 90 degrees. Magnetic catches are often employed to keep the doors close while people are showering. These are ideal for large bathrooms only, as they require sufficient space for the doors to swing open.  Needless to be mentioned but swinging shower doors add a touch of sophistication to the bathroom and make entering the shower region much easier. The swinging doors may be framed or frameless.