Differences in Coffee Makers

Today, coffee is one of the most widely enjoyed drinks all across the globe. From espresso to drip coffee, there a myriad of ways to make coffee and each method imparts a different taste and flavor.

There are a variety of coffee makers available in the market with each type following its own distinct process. The type of coffee maker selected shall determine that how strong is the coffee, how intense is the flavor and the amount of caffeine in the cup.

Automatic drip – automatic drip coffee maker is one of the most common types of coffee maker used across the globe.  Grounded coffee beans are placed in funnel with paper filter. Cold water is to be poured into the top loading tank. Once the water is heated up, it drips over the coffee powder and slowly flows into the placed pot below the funnel. This is the best choice when coffee is to be prepared for a group of persons. However, it is not suitable for making few cups as the amount of water added would be less, and it shall not reach the brewing temperature, and as a result the coffee made would be thin.

French Press – French press is one of the oldest types of a coffee maker. The French press was invented in the year 1850 in France. The maker includes a glass beaker and a filtered plunger. The coffee is to be placed at the bottom of the beaker, and the hot water is to be poured over it. After an interval of four to five minutes, the plunger is to be pressed down to complete the process and make coffee with a smoky and warm flavor. The coffee grinds used in the French press are coarser than the grinds used in the drip type maker. Coffee made through this process is known to retain the essential oils of the beans as the coffee grounds are mixed directly with the water.

Espresso machine – Today, espresso machines are the most widely used coffee makers. Rich espresso coffee is prepared by allowing hot water to pass through fine coffee powder, which has been tightly packed. Espresso coffee makers are available in various sizes. A small size maker is ideal for making one or two cups and a large machine can be brought for making a number of cups at a time.

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3 Responses to “Differences in Coffee Makers”

  • Jane says:

    What about the coffee makers that you use those little containers to make the flavors? Is this really upping the cost of the coffee or is it a good deal?


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