Differences between Memory Foam and Latex Mattresses

When it comes to choosing another mattress, people don’t know too much, as they are being given advices only from salesmen with different interests. Among the different types of mattresses, there are 2 types of mattresses that distinguish themselves as the best  for sleeping: memory foams and latex mattresses.

Though, what are the differences between memory foams and latex mattresses? Find out in the next lines.

First of all, it is mandatory to explain to all the readers that these both type of mattresses are treated against any allergies, against slippery, and also, they are both the most comfortable mattresses available on the market.

The differences between them start from “moment 0”, the fabrication: the latex mattresses are fabricated by placing a mixture of latex foam in a mold where it will stay a certain period of time. On the other hand, the memory foams are made of a mixture of viscoelastic materials, meant to support in an orthopedic way the body of the person who is resting in the bed where the memory foam is.

Second, it is known the fact that latex mattresses are a bit too elastic, and this is why some people might not be fulfilled by the qualities of these mattresses. On the other hand, they would surely pick the memory foams which are usually tougher and more stable.

There are two important things that are offered by the memory foams, advantages that can not be offered by the latex mattresses: first of all, due to several orthopedic reasons, all the doctors will recommend the memory foams instead of the latex mattresses and that is because they can stabilize the spine while resting. Also, the memory foams won’t push towards to the bodies while people are resting.

Last, but not least, as it is the factor that makes the differences in some cases, the price is quite different: usually, the latex mattresses are 30-40% cheaper than the memory foams. That’s because memory foams are harder to produce and the raw materials for producing a memory foam are much more expensive than the materials needed for producing a latex mattress.

As for us, we definitely recommend to all the readers to go for the memory foam mattresses, as they are 100% benefic to the bodies, especially nowadays when more than 40% of the whole population is suffering from back and spine diseases.

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    Gracias por la información tan completa.

  • Thanks for your sweet posting, it was educational! How did you do that? I like the style your write the post and give you a small advice you can contain something in human, that will help your post more colorful, but thanks for post

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