Difference between kitchen and kitchenette

When hunting for an apartment, you shall come across some apartments featuring kitchen and some of them featuring kitchenette, and you will be left wondering that, what is the difference between them?

Well, a kitchen or a kitchenette, both are known to occupy a vital part of the house as they deal with cooking of meals. Both of the options are known to cater to the same purpose that is storing of beverages and food, and preparation of meals.  The critical difference between kitchen and kitchenette lies in their size, space and design.


A kitchen is defined as a room equipped with complete cooking facilities, and the room is used for the preparation of food and meals. On the other hand, kitchenette relates to a small area similar to studio apartment. Therefore, in clearer terms it can be stated that kitchen is bigger in size and features more space in comparison to a kitchenette.


Starting from novice cook to the experienced chef, a kitchen is known to represent the individuality. Various contemporary styles such as country, contemporary, classic, etc are used to design a kitchen. As kitchen is known to feature more space, it allows one to organize the area in accordance to one’s preferences and requirements. On the other hand, kitchenette is known to make the best use of a space. Creative storage and organization are required at the owner’s end as space is compact. A kitchenette can easily be added to a family room, pool house, garage, basement, etc.


As a kitchenette is known to feature less space, there is less room for appliances. You probably will never find full size appliances in a kitchenette such as a full size oven, full size refrigerator, full size freezer, etc. In fact, you will not find a stovetop even. The standard appliances that are commonly found in kitchenette are a combination of appliances such as a toaster oven and microwave oven, fridge and freezer, stovetop and hot plate, etc. A variety of quick dishes can easily be prepared with the use of such devices.

On the other hand, a modern and standard kitchen is known to be equipped with a stovetop, a sink with running cold and hot water, a dishwasher, a microwave oven, and other electrical appliances. A kitchen is also known to feature a number of kitchen cabinets arranged in a particular design and in some cases, also lofts.

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