Deutsche Bank Sphere Design

Do you hate the banks? Who doesn’t… They all look the same: boring and intimidating, not at all attractive. Not anymore,as Mario Bellini Architects show us. With a structure like this in your bank, clients might even like coming to the bank. It’s modern, interesting, aesthetically attractive, abstract and, in the same time, concrete. In a world defined by competition at all levels, this bank seems to have an important advantage. First impressions matter and this design definitely sets the right one. It might seem oxymoronic, but this is actually a nice and attractive bank.

This impressive structure is actually a large sphere made of steel and it can be found inside the entrance to the new Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m sure it’s a pleasure to go inside this bank. Why wouldn’t it be? The more attractive it looks, the less you dislike it. It’s all about logic.

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Posted in Design And Concept on March 11, 2011

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