Design Your Kids Bedroom Through Selection of Themes

Designing your kid’s bedroom can be one of the most interesting and an enjoyable project that you can indulge in. A bedroom of your child is the only place which he can call his own. Kids are known to treat their bedroom as their sanctuary and love to spend hours in it.

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Kids’ bedroom décor is all about creativity and imagination. It should be lively, bright, vibrant and also comfortable. There are various ways to decorate a kid’s bedroom but there is nothing as efficient as a designing the room according to a theme. Selecting a theme for your kid’s bedroom will not only provide you with the right direction but also interest your child.

For selection of the theme, it is very vital to involve your child in the designing process. Try to know his interests and ask him to give in his ideas. You may adopt a theme based on your child’s artwork or favorite book. You know what your child loves to pretend, you may even use that as an inspiration for your theme.

Kids are known to be obsessed by real characters such as Barbie, superman, Hannah Montana, etc. So you may even decorate the entire room based on a theme of a real life character.  In simple words, the theme should be basically something that the child is interested in or feels passionate about. Flowers, Barbie, cartoon characters, ocean, space, Superman, fairy tales, sports, vehicle, animals, flying, superheroes, rainbow, clouds and stars are some popular themes.

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The selection of a theme will help you in the selection of the wall colors that play a major role in the overall look of the room. The wall color besides complementing the chosen theme should be bright and bold. Moreover, it should not be exactly the same color as that of the theme, or else it will give a monotonous look. For instance, for the superman theme, the walls should not be painted in blood red color but a blue or yellow color should be chosen.

The theme should also be extended to the furniture pieces in the bedroom. If you have an ocean theme, you may get the bed done in a sail boat shape or a car shape for vehicle theme. Try to incorporate the theme in the accessories to be used in the room such as pillows, lamp shades, bed covers, night lights, etc.