Decorative pillows with nature-inspired prints

Once you own one decorative pillow, you will soon feel the need to ass another one and then another one and so on. It’s perfectly understandable since they are so cute and comfortable. Plus they have such beautiful images printed on them, always different and always beautiful.

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Like these ones for example. These pillows have a variety of nature-inspired prints, most of them including birds and nests or trees and butterflies. Any one of them would look so nice on a sofa or a chair, even on a bed. Each pillow measures 22’’ x 22’’ and it includes a 95/5 feather down insert. The colors used are very natural and they are combined in an artistic way so that they would be able to integrate in a simple interior as well as in a more crowded and busy design.They all look beautiful and pretty but you can’t have them all. So you’ll have to choose, even if it’s a difficult decision.Available from 163$.