Decorative DIY Food- Safe Bowl

There are some things which look very delicious. You need to care of their tricky image because sometimes it is only an illusion and although they might look really appetizing they are used for other purposes.

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Take for example this DIY Food- Safe Bowl. It is a very original design for a bowl which was made of pistachio shells.This DIY Food- Safe Bowl is a very cute decorative bowl and if you are interested in it here are the instructions that you need to follow.

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The first step is just to eat a bunch of nuts or somehow acquire a lot of shells.  Make sure to save your shells if you are eating them.  You might need about 100 shells to make a small bowl and maybe 250 for a larger one.

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To do this project, all you really need is some pistachio shells (or any shell really) and a bottle of white glue or other non-toxic glue.

A good way to clean your shells, particularly if they are very salty, is to boil them.  This step is not necessary but makes for a nicer finished product. You can do this all with your hands, but if you have it available you can use an existing bowl or tuper-ware as a mold and you can line the mold with suran-wrap or parchment paper for easy cleans up.Mix a handful of nuts with about a tablespoon of glue to create your mixture.  Once the mixture is tacky, push your mixture into your mold or desired shape.

Let your mixture dry in the mold for a couple of hours.  If you would like to speed up the process, let the glue dry under a fan. Remove the bowl from your mold. Locate weak spots and touch them up with small amounts of glue. Dry again, and you have a bowl!{found on instructables}