Decorating with Glass Bottles: Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you’re making your own or just decorating with some pretty ones you bought on a whim, glass bottles are one of the easiest ways to spruce up your house. From the bedroom to the kitchen, they can easily and simply fit into any space. Set up unique displays or use a singular bottle in a subtle way, we’re here to give you plenty of fun ideas and inspiration for decorating in your own home.

1. On the table.

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In a cluster or in a row, glass bottles worked wonderfully as centerpieces and table decor. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the dinner table or just adorning the buffet area. This is such an easy way to dress up a rustic, outdoor meal or a sophisticated dinner. The best part is the reusable opportunities for after the party!

2. Lining the windowsill.

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For a fun, sunny way to spruce up the kitchen or craft room, line the windowsill with glass bottles. Colored bottles would be even better for bringing in some cheerful energy. As soon as the sun hits the colors, the room will immediately brighten up with natural shine. The breakfast nook could also use a few of these too.

3. Filled with candles.

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It’s romantic and cozy. Filling glass bottles with candles is another simple ways to create a welcoming, warm abode. The fireplace, the dinner table  or glass bottles made into sconces, these makeshift candle holders are such an eclectic, unique way to set off a room’s theme.

4. Carrying something fresh.

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It could be some fresh herbs or something beautiful, vibrant wildflowers. Use glass bottles as vases. Create a display on the table, kitchen island or mantle. It’s eclectic, fun and an easy way to create style in your house. And it’s inexpensive!

5. Sitting simply.

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Of course, you don’t have to do anything spectacular or extra with the bottles. Find some with personality of their own to display, and that include simple, clean pieces. All you have to do is decide where you want them to be!

6. Vintage Fun.

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Use old coke bottles and vintage pieces to emphasize the theme of the room you’ve already created. Soda bottles have a different shape then ones used for home decor, so take advantage of them when you stumble upon one. They can do a for for any small space.

7. DIYing.

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Don’t forget you can decorate them too! Paint them, glue appliques on them or just bunch them up with ones of all shapes, colors and sizes to create an art piece all their own. You’ll be surprised what these simple accessories can do for your house!