Decorating with Bamboo and Rattan

You want to decorate your home or a room to give it an elegant look and you are always trapped in dilemma what will suit the best. The bamboo and rattan are two green products that come in various forms and are fairly inexpensive, which look great in homes. Since ancient times, bamboo is used for tribal art for decorating both homes and offices. You can use sticks of bamboo and rattan to decorate your home. Bamboo is multipurpose; besides being used as a construction material it is also used as a decorative artwork and furniture for home décor.


Bamboo can be used in various forms to decorate the home. You can use chairs, tables, beaded curtains, wall coverings, window coverings and many other decorative items made of bamboo. The effect of room décor can be made more innovative by using bamboo blind and shades. Bamboo blinds add warmth and exotic flavor to a room. Blinds not only deflect the summer heat but also hold the winter warmth. They also provide sound insulation from the outside noise. The bamboo blinds are suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. Bamboo shades come in two varieties, light filtering and privacy. The bamboo shades are usually made up of reeds, jutes, woven woods, and bamboo, which provides great flexibility to your room.


You can also use bamboo room dividers that add elegance and an exotic touch to your room. Bamboo dividers can also be used for dividing a room into two intimate spaces.

Rattan is similar to a vine that scrambles through other vegetation and has an inner core and is not hollow like bamboo. Unlike bamboo, rattan stems are solid with outer portion extremely hard and durable while the inner portion is softer and porous. Rattan is widely used for making furniture and baskets. Rattan can also be used as wood to make furniture when cut into sections.

Usually, raw rattan is processed into numerous products that are used as materials in furniture making. The various species of rattan can be as long as 600 feet, which are cut into 12-15 lengths and are designed into different styles. Due to durability and resistance to splintering, the sections of rattan are used as staves or canes for material arts.



Rattan furniture mostly comes with cushions, which means that you have to make selection depending on the color and fabric of the cushions as well. You should always select the furniture that looks elegant in your house or room or that has a classic look and the one that is painted like wood.

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  • bamboo says:

    i am also from the bamboo home decor , such bamboo curtain is really cool, it can use whenever any rooms in a house and even the gardening.

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