Decorating All-White Rooms: Ideas & Inspiration

A white room can be more powerful than any cranberry wall or sapphire sofa. Don’t underestimate the simplicity and style of a neutral palette. Mix whites, creams and off-whites for a room with so much light, depth and texture that you’re not only at ease while your there but it’s the most design-worthy part of your home.

I believe there is something really magical about monochromatic rooms, but when you’ve decided to keep it a bright white, or even something a bit creamier, then you’ve taken the magic to an entirely different level.

Not only does the absence of color create light, depth and more length to any room, you also have the ability to create any theme or feel imaginable. Shabby chic, completely girly, a little masculine, modernly contemporary, eclectic, country … the options are really endless.

Whether you decide to add miniscule pops of color or not, a room can in fact stand alone using only one side of the color wheel. Make a room’s foundation stark white and layer it up until it reaches accessories in a rich, creamy tone. Or do the opposite and outline a light beige room with a bright white highlight.

One of the biggest challenges you will have when working with all white is finding the theme. If you want something with a bit more eclecticism, design or edge then choose to work with a lot of textures. Woods, furs, feathers .. anything that doesn’t have a flat surface. But if you want something super chic, modern and a bit on the posh side .. keep it sleek in every way possible.

Don’t forget to add mirrors where necessary too. In a smaller space, white will already create the illusion of a bigger area but if you add some mirrors in the mix .. you’ve just got more light and room! Same goes with some clear chandeliers, they create more light and if you pair them with a close by mirror .. you’ll even get a little rainbow effect.

And if you want to make sure you create a calming, relaxing space .. then add just a touch (and no more) of a white with a blue undertone. Blue is known for its soothing essence to just use a pinch to spruce up the space.

White rooms are beautiful and definitely create a majestic, rich feel. But you’ve got to do it right. Check out more of these all-white spaces and take some visual pointers.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 5th, 2012


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