Decorating A Romantic Canopy Bed: Ideas & Inspiration

Canopy beds are romantic, creative and a definite source for imagination in decorating. There are plenty of ways to incorporate that whimsy style into any theme you choose. A canopy bed can easily bring in a certain charm and personality to the bedroom without too much difficulty. Whether you’re just using a four-post bed or adding some elegant draping, we’ve got the tips and inspiration to help you make your canopy bed work for your room!

To create something with an immense amount of romantic appeal, add a ton of draping. A sheer, chiffon fabric hung about this way and that is the perfect way to add ambiance and sensuality. It also works for those that want something ultra-feminine but relaxed without a lot of maintenance.

You may also want something really artistic that makes a statement. If you want to go the more eclectic, funky route, try to find a four-point top canopy bed and leave it bare (or add one or two pieces of fabric for effect). This adds personality and focus without becoming too girlish or over-the-top, especially for a smaller bedroom. But we most certainly cannot forget the most important part, don’t worry, even without the fabric, the height of the bed will add drama and romance. And you mustn’t forget that you can also add a simple valance or chic border to a four-point bed, without committing to all the draping.

Or maybe you want something colorful that makes a big, decorative statement? You can easily make that work too. Add colored draping or posts. Pick out a variety of patterns to use too. You may even want to check out some curtains too. If you find some that you love or even ones with a bit of texture, don’t hesitate. Grab them! Curtains and drapes can easily be made into a makeshift canopy or adding in the mix to add to the ethos.

It’s hard to go wrong with a canopy bed, in any way you want it. Keep it sleek in black and white. Go grandiose with a playful color pallet. Or get a little funky with some fun, tall bed posts. Most importantly, make sure you have enough room for your vision. Nothing is worse than a small bedroom with a big bulky bed in the middle. If the room is smaller, keep it simple. But if you’ve got the space, let your vision fly.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7}.

Published by in How To, Tips, and Advice, on September 10th, 2012


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