Decorate By Grouping Objects

When you’re decorating your home or when you simply try to find a spot for every object, you sometimes involuntarily place the items that have something in common in the same place. You make small groups of objects that belong to the same category. It’s in our nature to do so, to be organized. It’s why we tend to display framed photos in a gallery on the wall, why we put all our kitchen utensils in the same rawer or why we group the plants together.

In the kitchen you can group all the spices together so you always know where to find them

By doing so, we decorate our homes by grouping objects that have something in common. For us it’s a way of being organized. In our minds, if we put all the photos in the same place or if we put all the toys in the same space, they will look better than they would if scattered all over the room. It’s easier for our mind to follow them this way. In a way, a décor where everything is well organized and where everything is cluttered together according to certain criteria is a more relaxing room.

Grouping objects that have the same design or purpose comes as a natural instinct

You can put up framed decorations and form a gallery wall

Most often, framed photos stay together, especially when they’re numerous

You can store and display all your necklaces and accessories on a wall

Mirrors can also be groups on a wall to create a focal point

When you’re decorating by grouping objects, the room you’re decorating is not important. It can be the kitchen, the bathroom, the office, the bedroom or any other room. In either case, it’s impossible not to find objects that belong together. For example, in the kitchen you can put all the utensils together and you can organize them into spoons, forks, knives, etc.

Even when each object is different, they must still all have something in common

When grouping objects you must find the element that connects them

You can group up plants to create a beautiful arrangement on the balcony or terrace

Sometimes all decorations have in common is their beauty

In the bedroom you can put all the books or magazines together. In the office you get to organize the pencils and everything else. Whatever the case is, there are numerous ways in which you can group the objects. The goal is always the same: to be organized and to maybe also create a focal point if it’s artwork we’re talking about.

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Published by in Interiors, on April 5th, 2013


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