DC Bed – a complete relaxation

Sometimes when I’m looking around me I see a lot of awesome things that I need and I can’t leave them. I like my bed, but this bed could be better for me.The design is simple upholstered headboard and base, covered in leather, metal parts in burnished brass or nickeled iron. I guess this is the best comfortable and unique bed for a total relaxation watching funny things on TV.

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I personally prefer sleeping on higher beds – you know the ones with legs. But there are enough people who like sleeping directly on the floor, as most Japanese people still do. They will definitely like this bed from Ceccotti collezzioni that is large and comfortable, perfect for a good night’s sleep after a long day.

DC Bed a complete relaxation

It is covered in leather and when you are not sleeping in it, this makes it the central piece of the room, the one piece of furniture that immediately draws attention and keeps all eyes on it. Pretty masculine as its main feature, this bed is perfect for a bachelor’s bedroom, even if it is king size, so made for two. Or should I say that’s the reason why it is perfect for a bachelor?